Our world is changing at lightning speed. The Dutch population is ageing and life expectancy still increases. At the same time, we have to tend to more and more chronically ill clients, healthcare is shifting from intramural to extramural care, and requires a different set of measures. These societal developments have far-reaching consequences, also for housing and care. TKH Care Solutions, a subsidiary of TKH Group, focuses on finding innovative solutions to tackle these societal challenges.

THK Care Solutions

New challenges, new solutions

Society more and more needs new solutions when it comes to healthcare, safety and security, and comfort. Solutions that ensure more efficient care, more emphasis and consideration for the client, and the ability for people to live independently and responsibly in their own home and in the way they want. Solutions that also create a better living environment. One of these solutions is VieDome, the open care-technology platform with client-specific solutions for care in institutions and care at home.

Three key questions

VieDome offers a smarter way to improve the care for the disabled and the elderly, and medical care at home. Without any impact on organizational management and costs. To find the right solution, we first ask the three key questions: What do you want to know? How will you be measuring this? And how are you going to use it? The answers make the care needs crystal clear and it finds a perfect fitting solution.

Based on the individual care need

VieDome consists of smart technology that allows for efficient intramural and extramural care that provides, on the one hand, more attention, safety, comfort, and independence to the client while, at the same time, relieving the work pressure experienced by the care workers. VieDome doesn’t focus on the client’s housing or environmental aspects but always on the individual care needs. Furthermore, VieDome offers a way to combine both care at a distance and direct care while also involving the client’s family and informal care.

The solutions of Viedome really put the client first